Fibro Feist

“Less sick. More sass.” is the tagline of Sarah’s wonderful multidimensional site about living a full life with fibromyalgia. I wish I could tattoo this phrase on my arm, so I could read it all day long. I had a rough week where depression tried to move in and take over, making me forget everything that I’ve promised myself. I know my post, Anyone But Me, concerned some friends, but please know how important I feel it is to write about the entire Crohn’s experience, even if it’s not a comfortable subject. As I’ve come to learn, life isn’t always tidy and not every post can have a positive resolution.

Except for this one, that is! I am very honored to announce that I’ve been featured as a “Feisty Friend” on In my interview (which you can read in its entirety at the link below) I write: “I want to share the entire Crohn’s experience so that doctors will treat our pain, non-profits won’t lose sight of who they’re fighting for, and employers will make accommodations to help those with IBD be the productive workers that they are. I want to make Crohn’s accessible, so that those who don’t have it can empathize as if they do.” I hope I am able to do this by continuing to share everything–the good and the bad.

As always, thank you, readers, for your support! You have already made this journey more than worth it.

~ Christina

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