Cute Heals January 22, 2013

Meet Sammy and Sophia:

Sammy and Sophia

Sammy and Sophia

Their guardian, Dulcie, writes that not only do Sammy James (right) and Sophia Grace (left) comfort her, but her four cats do as well. The dogs instinctively know when her pain levels increase and when she’s sick. Even though they haven’t been trained, they can identify when her thyroid numbers change or when she has a migraine. Sammy is also a fiercely protective companion, saving Dulcie from robbers while she was sleeping. And best of all, both dogs are super cute, furry heating pads. It doesn’t get better than this!

Meet Charlie Bug:



Charlie’s guardian, Lori, writes, “Here is a picture of my favorite snuggler when I don’t feel so hot and even when I do. Charlie keeps me company and brightens my day.” I can definitely see why! There’s nothing like a kitty in an afghan to keep you relaxed and happy when you can’t leave your bed.

And here is a picture of my Mouse and Mittens, who also love blankets and pillows. I wish I could say they were above stealing them from me, but I cannot tell a lie. I just squeeze myself in wherever they’ll let me and the purring begins (until they tell me to shut up).


Mouse a.k.a. Me-Mow

Mega Mittens

Mega Mittens

If you are the guardian of an animal who helps you, please send a picture to or feel free to post a picture on our Facebook page. I am a true believer that cute really does heal!

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